So much has changed since we last posted on our blog…we’ve been busy expanding, selling, and giving, and now we want to tell you about it!

Our books are still available online at Amazon, Abe’s Books, and But we now have a permanent location at 826 Pioneer Drive in Champaign that also has an outlet with over 10,000 books (all $1 or less).


Want a tour of our new location? Ask for a tour anytime we’re open. See all aspects:  how we sort donations, list books to sell online, pull purchased books, wrap purchased books for shipping, sort out books that don’t sell online for the outlet, and fill the shelves in the outlet. You can even schedule a tour after hours for your church or organization that can include a one-time volunteering session (and, of course, time to shop).

Thank you so much for your continued support of orphans, foster kids and at-risk youth through Orphans Treasure Box!

-Elisabeth, Outlet Manager

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