Mission and Vision

The heart of Orphans Treasure Box.

impact cover

Let everything we do open up a door
For You to come through
Then, Orphans Treasure Box will be a place
Where Lord, You want to be….

Our Mission: Selling books to bring Christ’s love and hope to orphans and vulnerable children locally and globally.

Our Vision: Eight Unique & Interlocking Elements of Orphans Treasure Box

  • In all avenues, look to make and grow disciples. Through volunteers, through customer contact, through those we support, through staff, Orphans Treasure Box lives the Great Commission.
  • Advocate for orphans and the vulnerable, living out God’s command to care for them. Through whatever contact we have (in the outlet, on an online book that we sell, through our website, speaking engagements, etc.) we speak for the orphan.
  • Maintain a healthy, growing used bookstore online that sells donated books with the net profits going to orphans & vulnerable kids. Profits given to serve locally and globally.
  • Support local churches as they raise funds for orphan and vulnerable child ministries that they support.  Be an “Aaron” organization. Whether collecting items at the store, through using special codes on online sales, or a targeted weekend in the outlet, groups could use our store as a fundraising tool as they raise money for special needs kids in Uganda, or foster kids here in Illinois or for a medical missions trip to China.
  • Make our outlet store of excess books a resource for the poor….becoming their preferred bookstore. According to the Social Security Administration statistics from October 2015, 46 million Americans were considered poor.  50% of American workers make less than $30,000 per year.  40% of workers make less than $20,000.  The outlet could become (and envision this beyond C-U), not a hand out….but a real store with them in mind.  Yes, it is also our “front porch,” but there is a deeper vision at work here.
  • Invite and value the meaningful service of the vulnerable and overlooked. Volunteering gives purpose to life and it can be a wonderful place of training.  Currently a number of our volunteers come from organizations serving those with special needs and challenges (DSC, Cunningham, Centennial, Group Homes, etc.).
  • Provide work re-entry for the homeless. Partnering with Christian ministries that serve the homeless, giving entry level part-time jobs that allow re-entry into the work force.
  • Offer post-adoption support and education. 98% of Christian adoption support efforts center on getting the child adopted….this is incomplete.  Orphans Treasure Box will be a leading voice in providing avenues of support and education.