The Need
Did you know there are over 330 million orphans in the world? Imagine that for a moment. The little girl in Trujillo, Peru who scrounges for scraps at the local dump. Or, the baby abandoned by a prostitute in Thailand. The Ukrainian teen with HIV who knows his chances of being adopted are close to zero. Or, the American girl who has been bounced from house to house in foster care and has lost hope.

What do each of these children need? They need basic care, food and clothing. More than that, they need love and a place to belong. However, their greatest need is to feel God’s love for them. Adoption is a wonderful, transformational gift…but not every orphan will receive it. And, frankly, not every orphan can be adopted.  But, it is Orphans Treasure Box’s hope that each orphan will know God loves them through the care and hope they receive from Christians who serve them.

We sell donated books online and locally with 100% of net profits going to orphans!

How It Works

  • Caring people donate their new and used books to us.
  • Our volunteers sort and sell online or locally.
  • 100% of the profit goes to orphanages, grants for families adopting older & special needs orphans, outreach/missions trips to serve orphans, and foster care initiatives.